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Ellicott Dredges In Action

Historic Ellicott® Dredge in South America Continues Operation

  In 1954, the dredge known as the Río Magdalena’ was shipped to Colombia to...
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Dredging in West Africa: Ellicott Provides Solution to Benin Flooding

Over the last decade, several Ellicott® dredges have been operating in Benin on various types...
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Ellicott 670 Dredge Supporting an Oil Operation in Nigeria

Ellicott dredges have been supplied to over 100 countries across the globe, including countries in...
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Ellicott Dredges in the Peruvian Coast

Ellicott® continues to play a major role in providing quality dredges to customers worldwide. In...
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Ellicott Dredges in the Magdalena River

    The Magdalena River is the most important and largest river in Colombia, and...
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Dredging for a Fulfilling Purpose

In the dredging industry where applications can range from mining of sand/gravel, to use in...
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Barnstable Co. Celebrates 25 Years of Dredging

The Barnstable County, Massachusetts, dredging program recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The county, which owns...
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Ellicott Delivers Series 370 Dragon® Dredge for Shrimp Farming Operation in Mexico

Ellicott has just delivered and started up a Series 370 Dragon® dredge for a shrimp...
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2070 Ellicott Dragon Dredge

Ellicott Dredges Helps Add 2,300 km of Bangladesh Waterways

In 2012, Ellicott supplied its first dredges to the Bangladesh Inland Waterway Transport Authority (BIWTA)...
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Ellicott Exports Endure: Two More 20-inch (500 mm) Dredges on the Way to Bangladesh

Two Ellicott dredges were recently shipped to Bangladesh to continue supporting the country’s dredging efforts....
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Ellicott Dredgers Improve Health of Lake

Two Ellicott dredges were used for the dredging portion of the Lake Seminole Restoration project...
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Ellicott 370HP® Dredge Readies For 2021 Work

An Ellicott 370HP Dragon® dredge and two 10” Ellicott booster pumps were recently purchased by...
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