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Toll Free: 888-870-3005 410-625-0808 1611 Bush Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA

Custom Dredges and Special Features

Custom Made Dredges and Special Features

The Ellicott® brand name continues to evolve with the introduction of specially engineered and manufactured, custom-built dredges and features. Occasionally our team of talented engineers and dedicated shop employees have had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing some of the most beautiful world-class custom dredges with features configured to the customer’s exact specifications.

Whether it is a fully customized dredge or a state-of-the-art electric dredge, no matter how big or challenging the task may be, our team is dedicated to producing a solution that exceeds our customer’s dredging expectations. Through our work on custom dredges and specialty equipment, Ellicott engineers have earned over 20 international patents for dredge related innovations.

Large Custom Dredges

Discharge Size: 24″ – 36″ (610 mm x 914 mm)
Main Engine: 4,700 – 16,000 HP (3,470 – 11,931 kW)
Power @ Cutter Drive: 850 – 3,000 HP
(633.84 – 2,237.1 kW)
Maximum Dredging Depth: 60′ – 100′ (18 – 30 m)

Wheel Dragon™ Bucketwheel Dredges

The first custom-designed and patented Ellicott® brand Bucketwheel cutterhead dredge was introduced in 1976. Since then, the Wheel Dragon™ dredge has become popular in mining assignments around the world. The addition of a bucketwheel excavator to your dredge will increase cutting force and overall production. Whether to increase production in a sand mining operation or to mine the world’s hardest trona, the Wheel Dragon™ dredge is your solution. The Wheel Dragon™ excavator modification can be made available for select Ellicott Dragon® brand dredge models.

• Excellent excavation device for hard materials
• Extremely high recovery rates make it standard
excavator for many mining applications

Coastal Dragon® Dredges

Ellicott®’s Coastal Dragon® dredge design is ideal for working in coastal environments. The Coastal Dragon® dredge has optional tilting spuds that allow the dredge to be launched under busy underpasses and continue operation while working in a waterway with many bridges. Increasing free board allows the Coastal Dragon® to work in seas with unpredictable or constant swells. The Coastal Dragon® dredge design can be added to our 1170 Series Dragon® dredge model and up.

Electric Dredges

As an alternative to diesel engines, Ellicott® also offers electric dredges. These dredges are electrically powered from shore and are beneficial for long-term use projects.

Since there is no diesel engine, electric dredges cost less to maintain, and the higher initial investment is usually offset by the lower operating costs.

Electric drive is offered as an option on all size and type dredges produced by Ellicott®.