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Dredge Operator Training

Dredge Training Program

Dredging contractors traditionally hire well-trained crew members to operate their dredges. Ellicott Dredges, one of the most successful dredge manufacturers in the world, offers a highly informative dredge training program. Our training courses are tailored to the type of dredging equipment our participants will be operating and the consumer’s requirements.

Typical participants include dredge owners, operators, maintenance personnel, and supervisory staff who work in the dredging industry. Training is offered at our facilities in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), and New Richmond, Wisconsin (USA) and are equipped with the most advanced dredge simulators in our industry. We also provide local and onsite training anywhere in the world.

Our training program consists of classroom training, simulator training, troubleshooting, and firsthand operation of an Ellicott® dredge.

Classroom Training in Basic Safety, Operations, and Maintenance

We offer training sessions in the following areas:

1. Dredge Safety Training
2. Dredge Maintenance
3. Basic Dredge Operations for Beginners
4. Advanced Dredge Training for Experienced Dredge Operators
5. Dredgepack® program- (designed by Hypack, a Xylem brand company)

Dredge Simulator Training

Our dredge simulator training sessions are designed to replicate the actual view from the operator’s perspective inside the control room area. The simulator provides a full experience allowing the operator to familiarize himself or herself with the equipment, and learn how to operate the dredge properly.


Topics of discussion

1. Hydraulic Systems Diagnosis
2. Understanding Electrical Diagrams
3. How to Properly Examine and Test Equipment
4. Refresher Training in Proper Dredge Use

Visit to Local Dredge Project

Our participants will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the operation of an Ellicott 370 or 670M Dragon® dredge in action (Principles are the same on the smaller dredges as on 1270, 1870, or 2070 dredges and are within the local driving distance).