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Employee Benefits

Happy, driven employees are the key to our companies success, so we do what we can to make working for Ellicott gratifying. 

We want to develop people, challenge themselves to do more, and help you fulfill your potential in a way that is true to our values – and reward you for your efforts to help us get there. 

If you help us to accomplish our mission, and you do it in a manner that’s authentic, then we will reward you for your efforts. 




Our benefits package includes:

  • A competitive base salary
  • Access to healthcare
  • Access to our wellness program
  • Dental and vision
  • Paid annual leave
  • 401k investment options

Own your development

We believe that the best approach to help people thrive is through a blend of on-the-job experience and formal and informal training. We deliver this through a mixture of coaching, mentoring, and formal training sessions.

Relationships with managers, mentors, and coaches play a critical role, too.  Hence, we make sure there are lots  of opportunities for open conversations with employees who can help to mold your career.