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Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

The maintenance of wetlands, shorelines, and marshlands can be crucial to the preservation of these naturally fertile habitats. Environmental remediation dredging removes built-up and contaminated sediments from waterways allowing for the flow of freshwater to bring in nutrients and flush out waste.

The environmental improvements available through dredging can positively impact human health as well as the animal and plant populations in a surrounding area.  Environmental dredging sometimes requires high-level precision to ensure project objectives while maintaining safe environment.

The Ellicott Series 370HP Dragon® dredge and the Series 670M Dragon® dredge are portable cutterhead suction dredges that work well in narrow as well as wide open projects.. The Ellicott Series 360SLM Swinging Dragon® dredge and Series 460SLM Swinging Dragon® dredge are swinging ladder dredges that work best in narrow areas and where precision dredging is required. All of these models are built on relatively compact platforms making them ideal for most wetlands restoration and environmental remediation projects.

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Series 370HP Dragon® Dredge
12” x 10” (300 mm x 250 mm)

Series 670M Dragon® Dredge
14” x 14” (350 mm x 350 mm)

Marsh And Wetland Restoration

Marsh and Wetland restoration projects are beneficial to local recreation and natural wildlife habitats. The natural flow of material and seasonal storm surges restrict channels that provide fresh water to inland wetlands or ponds. Dredging these channels allows water to circulate in and out of an inland site, bringing in nutrients and flushing out waste.

Our dredging equipment is used for a variety of wetland applications including wetlands restoration, shallow dredging for wetlands creation, vegetation removal, and toxic material removal that provides nutrients to wetlands. The Ellicott® Swinging Ladder Series dredges are ideal for wetland restoration projects and provide contractors and government agencies multiple options to choose from when tackling harsh wetland environments that require dredging.

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Coastal Protection

Coastal protection can prevent flooding and the erosion of land. This type of protection usually consists of nourishing beaches and building dikes, both activities require recovering and transporting a significant amount of sand. The impact of global sea levels rising has heightened awareness of how sensitive coastal areas are to mother nature.

Increasingly unpredictable weather patterns have drastically impacted regions that are naturally vulnerable to erosion and flooding. These circumstances have led to a sense of urgency to build improved coastal areas that consist of massive-scale projects such as Fuller Street Beach in Edgartown, Massachusetts (USA).

Consistent replenishment of beaches and enhancement of coastlines are becoming increasingly customary around the world. All of these projects have been made possible with dredging strategies that are designed to safeguard infrastructure and humans against the threat of rising sea levels and floods. Ellicott Dredges has several types of dredges that are designed specifically for coastline protection related projects.

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