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Toll Free: 888-870-3005 410-625-0808 1611 Bush Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA

Swinging Ladder Dredges

& Easy To Assemble

The first Ellicott brand® Swinging Ladder Dredge was initially designed and built in the 1940s.  The dredge was initially intended for digging waterways that were too narrow for conventional dredges to operate. Today Ellicott continues to develop and manufacture 8”,12”, and 14’ Swinging Ladder dredges that are easy to transport and offer wide swing widths for optimal precision.

Heavy Duty
Built To Last

The dredges heavy-duty dredge structure is built to last for several years and ideal for environmental, canal, waterway, and sand and gravel related projects. Our Ellicott® brand Swinging Ladder dredges are capable of dredging compacted soil types and solid materials such as clay, sediment sand, and gravel.

Ellicott’s Swinging ladder dredge product line offers a variety of durable equipment such as the Ellicott Series 360SL Swinging Dragon® Dredge. This dredge is equipped with proportional electronic controls for accurate dredging operation.  If you are looking for a dredge that is easy to assemble then you may want to consider our 460SL Swinging Dragon® Dredge which can be easily assembled with a standard set of hand tools and marine cranes.  If you are an experienced dredging operator looking for a Swinging Ladder dredge that is capable of handling the most challenging conditions, you may want to consider the Ellicott Series 860SL Swinging Dragon® Ladder Dredge which is capable of digging depths ranging up to 30’ (9.1 m).