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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dredge do you stock?

We stock almost our entire standard product line of cutter suction dredges, ranging from the 8” (200 mm) Series 360SL Swinging Dragon® Dredge 8″ to the 20” (500 mm) Series 2070 Dragon® dredge.  Larger dredges and custom units are built per customer order.    

What size dredge will I need to do my job?

It depends on specific project conditions. Please complete our Project Data Questionaire to enable us to review your project details and provide a full recommendation. 

Series 1870 Dragon Dredge

Would a dredge with a larger engine consume more fuel?

Not necessarily. Fuel consumption depends primarily on the parameters of the dredging operation, such as the material density, pumping distance, and terminal elevation.

Series 460SL Swinging Dragon Dredge

How far can your dredges pump?

Standard Ellicott® series dredges have an engine and pump sets chosen for efficient output ranging between 2,625′ (800 m)  and 3,280′ (1,000 m).  

Does Ellicott provide Anchor Booms and Spud Carriages?

Yes. Ellicott provides Anchor Booms and Spud Carriages that are built to order.  For additional information, please contact Ellicott. 

Series 670 Dragon Dredge

What depth can your dredges reach?

We offer standard cutter suction dredges with various digging depth capabilities ranging from 20 ft. (6 m) up to 60 ft. (18.2 m), depending upon the dredge model. For special applications, digging depths can be increased substantially. 

Spare Dredging Parts Ellicott Dredges

Where can I find spare replacement parts?

Ellicott maintains a large inventory of replacement dredge parts at our manufacturing facilities for shipment anywhere in the world. Contact our parts department at +1 410 545 0239 or

How long does it take to build a dredge?

Our standard cutterhead dredges are generally available from stock, subject prior to sale. If stock is not available, normal completion would be 3 to 4 months after receipt of order. Delivery on larger equipment varies depending on manufacturing workload at order.

Can Ellicott visit our plant or project site?

A regional sales manager is available to meet with you at your site or our office, whichever is appropriate. 

Why are there no "lemon laws" to protect a dredge buyer?

“Let the buyer” beware is not just a saying, but the truth when purchasing or leasing a dredge. There is no protection, and the purchaser must rely on the dredging manufacturer. Ellicott will never sacrifice quality for price. Over 2,200 Ellicott® brand dredges have been built over the last  125 years.  Some Ellicott® brand dredges are still in service around the world after 50+ years of operation.