Coastal Restoration

Coastal Restoration

Restoring flooded, rehabilitating storm-damaged areas, wetlands or creating new land is essential to protect our natural resources.  Ellicott dredges are used for a variety of aquatic and wetland applications. The applications include vegetation removal, toxic material removal, spray dredging, and flood prevention.  

Beach Restoration

There is no stopping mother nature from eating away at our planet’s beaches and coastlines. Traditionally beach erosion occurs as a result of tidal cycles, currents, waves, and inclement weather. Beaches that have been restored by dredging are designed to protect local communities from storm damage and preserve recreational beach space.

Our fleet of dredges are used to help control channel depths and restore community beaches around the globe in locations such as Fuller Street Beach in Edgartown, Massachusetts (USA) and the San Antonio River Inlet, Buenaventura, Colombia.

Land Reclamation and Island Building

As the global market continues to grow and expand more and more people are migrating and visiting nearby coastal locations such as Apollo Bay, Melbourne, Australia, and Matira Beach, Bora Bora generating a significant need for land reclamation dredging projects.

The land reclamation dredging process consists of extracting sand, clay, or rock from the ocean floor and the elements are then placed to form new land somewhere else. Throughout Ellicott’s history, we have been involved in large land reclamation projects that have helped to bolster the Port of Los Angeles, California (USA) and Port Said, Cario, Egypt.

Marsh & Wetland Restoration

Marsh and Wetland restoration projects are beneficial to local recreation and natural wildlife habitats.  The natural flow of material and seasonal storm surges restrict channels that provide fresh water to inland wetlands or ponds.  Dredging these channels allows water to circulate in and out of an inland site, bringing in nutrients and flushing out waste. 

Our dredging equipment is used for a variety of wetland applications including wetlands restoration, shallow dredging for wetlands creation, vegetation removal, and toxic material removal that provides nutrients to wetlands. The Ellicott® Swinging Ladder Series dredges are ideal for wetland restoration projects and provide contractors and government agencies multiple options to choose from when tackling harsh wetland environments that require dredging..

Flood Control

Neighborhoods that border a river are susceptible to annual flooding during the rainy season. If a river or waterway is not properly managed, silt, sand, and debris will gradually build up causing a bottleneck to form. When a significant rain event occurs, the bottleneck restricts a river, canal, or waterways, ability to provide naturally flowing water causing water levels to rise and flooding to occur.

River and flood prevention dredging projects work to maintain channel depth, and others are used for flood mitigation. Some flood-related projects require the removal of contaminated materials.

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