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Ellicott Dredge Helps Improve Marina Navigation

An Ellicott custom 360SL swinging ladder dredge is being used in multiple small port and marina projects in Oregon. The dredging projects, being conducted by the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay, will improve navigation in the Charleston Marina Complex.
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Double Ellicott Dredgers Tag-Team Michigan Stamp Sands

Two Ellicott® brand dredges were used in combination to help open the navigation channel into Grand Traverse Harbor in Michigan, a project that was completed in July 2020. The harbor was clogged with stamp sand, black and dark grey rock waste leftover from the historic processing of ore. During the 19th and 20th centuries, stamp mills on the Keweenaw Peninsula produced 25 million tons of waste, which was legally deposited near Lake Superior. Erosion and currents over the...
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Ellicott Series 670 Dragon® Dredge

Dredging Completed at Accabonac Harbor

An Ellicott® 670 Dragon dredge was recently purchased by Suffolk County for inlet dredging, and was used to clear a spit of beach that had narrowed an inlet near Louise Point. East Hampton Town Trustees said excess material made it difficult for boats to navigate the inlet.
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Ellicott 670-42 Dragon® Dredge

Ellicott Dredger Helps with Colombia’s Palermo Port

Access to ports is critical to the import and export of goods around the world. When traffic is slowed due to sedimentation and other build-up, Ellicott Dredges is the solution. An Ellicott 670-42 Dragon® Dredge was purchased and is now being used to dredge Palermo Port in the Magdalena Department of Colombia.
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Flood Control

370 Dragon Dredge to Begin Work on Swamp Land Project

Logistics and Assistance S.A., a dredging contractor from Cotonou, Benin, was awarded a tendered contract by the Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development to help control seasonal flooding in the region.
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