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The Importance of Training Dredge Operators

The Importance of Training Dredge Operators Written by Andres Borasino, International Sales Manager. Dredges are expensive machines utilized for the purpose of extracting valuable material and performing various types of important projects. Some of the most common applications are sand dredging, mining, and navigation dredging. Dredge contractors invest enormous amounts of capital in to their dredging operation so it is critical to ensure the maximization of the operation. [soliloquy id=”112″]Ellicott has had the pleasure of meeting many highly...
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Lynnhaven Inlet Dredging Contract Awarded; Material Earmarked For Beneficial Reuse

The Norfolk District, US Army Corps of Engineers, has awarded a US $2 million contract for maintenance dredging in Lynnhaven Inlet Federal Navigation Channel in Virginia Beach, Va. Lynnhaven Inlet annually undergoes maintenance dredging to combat critical shoaling; however, due to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the Virginia Beach coastline last year, shoaling conditions were exacerbated and required accelerated dredging, said Kristin Mazur, Norfolk District’s project manager. “Recent surveys identified critical shoaling in the entrance channel, turning basin and side channels of the...
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The Secret to Baltimore’s Success

“Why do you think Baltimore was so successful as a port?” asks Burt Kummerow, president of the Maryland Historical Society. Its location along the Chesapeake Bay? Its moderate climate? “No,” says Kummerow. “It was because of the immortal mud machine.” Huh? Ah, the immortal mud machine. Like many East Coast harbors, Baltimore’s had–and still has– major issues with silt building up. Lucky for us, we had a key advantage: the dredge was invented right here. Flour merchants John...
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Rebuilding the Wetlands of Pepper Creek

A Win-Win for Boaters and the Bays by Bartholomew Wilson, Science Coordinator Recycling is not just something residents of the Inland Bays can do at home. An innovative recycling project is underway on the Inland Bays. The CIB has partnered with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to recycle sediments dredged from channels to build up the tidal marshes of the Inland Bays. In a cooperative effort to eliminate the need for new dredge...
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Jammu and Kashmir: River Jhelum Project on Right Track

An ambitious project to salvage Kashmir’s lifeline river Jhelum has started to yield positive results with the Jammu and Kashmir government maintaining that the flood threat triggered by recent incessant rains subsided due to ongoing conservation measures in the river in north Kashmir. Jhelum which is a main source of irrigation in the Valley has been marred by extensive siltation in last few decades. In absence of any conservation measures, the river had lost its carrying capacity and...
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