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Parts & Service

Service Excellence 

Our expert dredge mechanics have an industry-leading reputation for upgrading, refurbishing and rebuilding dredges – whether manufactured by Ellicott or not. 


Parts Department

We consistently maintain a large assortment of dredge parts that can be easily located amongst our inventory and shipped directly to anywhere in the world. We are fortunate enough to have a manufacturing facility that is located on our campus. This allows us to mass-produce quality parts in-house allowing us to meet the rising demands of our customers.

For instance, our manufacturing facility enables us to:

Manufacture parts in-house for quality assurance.

Maintain a large selection of dredge parts in our warehouse.

Provide immediate delivery for most parts anywhere in the world.

Offer continuous after-sales support from knowledgeable parts team members.

Contact the Parts Department

Phone:+1 888-468-3228
or +1 410-545-0239

Service Department

Ellicott’s team of highly-qualified technicians will evaluate your dredge to diagnose performance issues, make recommendations to improve efficiencies and refurbish for peak-performance.

Furthermore, to guarantee that your dredge continues to function properly, our field service team provides continuous support after the sale – with the supervision of dredge operations and proper maintenance procedures.

Subsequently, our Field Service team of highly qualified technicians are available for the following:

Assembly / installation of new dredges

Service supervision of dredge operations and maintenance procedures

Advice on efficient operation

Troubleshooting and diagnostics

Contact the Service Department

Phone:+1 888-468-3228
or +1 410-545-0239