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Series 370 Dragon® Dredge Used for Sand Mining Purposes

Earlier this year, Ellicott Dredges, delivered a Series 370 HP Dragon® dredge with 50 ft (15.2 m) dredging depth capabilities to a customer. The small dredge is used for reclaiming sand mining and infrastructure purposes. The customer selected Ellicot to build their 10-inch (250 mm) hydraulic cutter suction dredge for three simple reasons.

1. As a leading dredge manufacturer, Ellicott has a strong reputation for designing and constructing durable dredges that are built to last.

2. This portable cutter suction dredge is well-known throughout the dredging industry. The reliable dredge offers portability, flexibility, and is simple to operate. The dredges simple design also makes it very easy to maintain-even for the first-time dredge owner.

3. Finally, the customer preferred a versatile dredge. That made the 370 the ideal dredge for the customer because it meets their specific dredging needs. This powerful dredge is capable of handling shallow dredging that is required to complete the job. Also, the dredge can be quickly moved to other project locations where deeper digging is needed to reach sand deposits.

A team of trained dredge technicians from Ellicott Dredge’s assisted in commissioning, the “Dragon” dredge during their visit to the customer’s site. In addition, Ellicott technicians also provided instructional operations and maintenance training dredge during their brief stay.