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Series 1270 Dragon® Dredge

Series 1270 Dragon® Dredge

This versatile cutterhead dredge offers excellent production rates for dredging depths up to 50’ (15 m). With a moderate physical size and emphasis on simple, straightforward controls, training is easy. 

The 1270 Dragon® dredge is a medium-sized dredge that is typically used for ports, harbors, rivers, and inland waterway dredging projects, as well as beach restoration, land reclamation, island building and flood control.


  • Compact design allows for rapid deployment and mobilization. Reasonably easy to tow and maneuver in confined areas.
  • Equipped with two separate diesel engines, one of which is dedicated to the dredge pump for optimal production.
  • Dredge productivity in restricted dredging areas may be increased substantially with the optional spud carriage feature.


Discharge Size: 18″ x 18″ (450 mm x 450 mm)
Main Engine Caterpillar C 32 : 800 HP ( 597 kW)
Auxiliary Engine Caterpillar C 9 : 375 HP (280 kW)
Power @ Cutter Drive: 155 HP (116 kW)
Maximum Dredging Depth: 50′ (15 m)


  • Pump handling crane
  • Dredge GPS tracking software
  • Mast with navigation signals
  • Tilting spuds
  • Discharge swivel elbow
  • Anchor booms or spud carriage
  • Additional options are available upon request
Series 1270 Dragon Dredge