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Series 1870 Dragon® Dredge

Ellicott Dredges Dragon Dredge 1870

Series 1870 Dragon® Dredge

The Series 1870 Dragon® cutterhead dredge is a medium to large size portable dredge that possesses a unique shallow dredging feature that enables highly effective excavation starting at 5 ft (1.5 m) digging depth.  In addition, this cutter suction dredge contains a dredge pump and auxiliaries, that are powered by two independent engines for high working productivity within the overall operating range.

This model is commonly used for applications such as river dredging, beach restoration, land reclamation, island building and flood control.


  • With an industry-leading overall length, the 1870 offers greater swing-width for improved production per dredging hour.
  • Built with Ellicott’s time-proven rugged designs and traditional electro-hydraulic control system, the 1870 is a preferred dredge for remote and tropical conditions.
  • Full range of standard options available, including GPS- based positioning systems.


Discharge Size: 20″ x 20″ (500 mm x 500 mm)
Main Engine Caterpillar 3512: 1,280 HP (955 kW)
Auxiliary Engine Caterpillar C-15: 475 HP (354 kW)
Power @ Cutter Drive: 250 HP (186 kW)
Maximum Dredging Depth: 50′ (15 m)


  • Pump handling crane
  • Dredge GPS tracking software
  • Mast with navigation signals
  • Tilting spuds
  • Discharge swivel elbow
  • Anchor booms or spud carriage
  • Additional options are available upon request