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Series 360SLM Swinging Dragon® Dredge

Ellicott 360 Swinging Ladder Dredge

Series 360SLM Swinging Dragon® Dredge

The Series 360SL Swinging Dragon® dredge is a portable swinging ladder dredge that is designed to work in narrow channels and small projects. This versatile dredge is ideal for restoration projects involving marinas, lakes, and sensitive environmental dredging projects.


  • Single diesel engine powers independent hydro-static pump drive and a second pump for auxiliary controls.
  • Equipped with proportional electronic controls for highly accurate dredging operations and operator ease.
  • Single kicker spud for quickly positioning and advancing the dredge without anchors and cables.
  • Highly accessible hull-mounted dredge pump for routine maintenance and pump adjustment, as needed.


Discharge Size: 8″ x 8″ (200 mm x 200 mm)
Main Engine John Deere 9.0L Marine Engine 6090AFM85
: 375 HP (280 kW)
Power @ Cutter Drive: 40 HP (30 kW)
Maximum Dredging Depth: 15′ (4.5 m)


  • Air Conditioning
  • Windshield Wiper & Horn
  • Dredge Positioning System
  • Suction/Discharge Relief Valve
  • Additional options are available upon request
Series 360SL Swinging Ladder Dredge