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Series 4170 Super Dragon™ Dredge

Series 4170 Super Dragon™ Dredge

Series 4170 Super Dragon™ Dredge

The 4170 Super Dragon™ dredge is equipped with two onboard engines for powering the dredge pump and hydraulic auxiliary systems independently. This large cutter suction dredge possesses a spacious operator cab and intuitive control console along with a rugged, heavy-duty design for working in coastal waterways. 


Discharge Size: 27″ x 24″ (700 mm x 600 mm)
Main Engine: 2,680 HP (2,000 kW)
Auxiliary Engine: 1,410 HP (1,051 kW)
Power @ Cutter Drive: 750 HP (550 kW)
Maximum Dredging Depth: 58′ (17.7 m)


• Swing anchors
• Pump maintenance crane with electric hoist
• Recording gauge for suction and discharge
• Anchor handling booms with winches for swing anchors
• Additional options are available upon request


• Well suited for established dredging contractors.
• Available as a shipyard-build or portable unit for movement by trucks.
• Dependable capital investment for long-term use.
• Designed for larger heavy-duty navigational projects such as rivers, ports, harbors, and land reclamation projects.

Series 4170 Super Dragon™ Dredge