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Series 870JD Jet Dragon® Dredge

Series 870JD Jet Dragon Dredge

870JD Jet Dragon® Dredge

The Series 870JD Jet Dragon® dredge is a unique deep digging cutterhead dredge that is used for
obtaining sand and other materials at reasonably deep depths. This sturdy, dependable, and portable dredge features dual water nozzles at the cutter for cleaning clays or dislodging other materials from the cutter blades without manual intervention.


Discharge Size: 14″ x 14″ (350 mm x 350 mm)
Standard Engine Caterpillar C-18: 575 HP (431 kW)
Power @ Cutter Drive: 100 HP (75 kW)
Maximum Dredging Depth: 60′ (18.2 m)


• Tool kit
• Stern winch outfitting kit
• Impeller lifting hook
• Control cab heat and air conditioning
• Additional options are available upon request


• Highly portable for trucking to inland locations.
• State-of-the-Art PLC-based control system.
• Jet pump assist allows for high production rate in deep digging applications without the complications of a ladder pump.
• Typical uses include sand and gravel dredging, land reclamation dredging, and smaller contractor applications.

870JD Jet Dragon Dredge
Series 870JD Jet Dragon Dredge