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Tips for Applying

Tips for applying

You have decided that you would like to apply for one of our open positions, but how do you go about applying for an opening?  

Applying for a new job can be overwhelming, and it’s a life-changing decision that can impact your long-term career success.  We want to offer you some practical advice on how to make sure Ellicott Dredges is the perfect fit for you, and how to make the best possible impression. 


Is Ellicott Dredges right for me?

Do you value our values?

Values are at the backbone of our company, so ask yourself if your values are aligned with ours.   

Make the most of your network

Talk to any friends, mentors, and contacts currently working for Ellicott Dredges or that have done business with us previously to get further insight about our company, and help you determine if we’re the company for you. 

We like a challenge – do you?  

We’re a global company addressing some of the largest dredging challenges. If you are driven, committed to personal development and looking for a challenging, but fulfilling career, then you sound like our kind of person.   

The cover letter

  • Your application will stand out with a persuasive cover letter.
  • Look to outline your suitability and emphasize why this role is perfect for you at this point in your career. Use the details of the job listening to guide you on the areas you should accentuate. 
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality

The resume

  • Showcase who you talents and  highlight the skills and experience you can bring to the position which you are applying.  A great resume should be tailored to the role you are applying to.  Make sure to highlight your most relevant experience.
  • Your resume should be both simple to read and follow, try to avoid too many acronyms and keep the format clear and transparent. 

Interview Advice

  • Review the job posting for key responsibilities of the position. Research Ellicott Dredges on our website and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, update yourself concerning developments and challenges our industry faces and ensure that you understand the requirements of the role
  • Prepare questions. You should have at least 3-4 questions prepared around areas where you want to learn more. Preparing insightful questions demonstrates that you have thought about the role, and is indicative of your understanding of the opportunity

Remember to

  • Listen attentively to the question
  • Take a moment or two to organize your thoughts before you answer
  • Ask for clarification if you need to – be sure you truly understand what the interviewer is asking
  • Speak clearly, minimize the use of jargon, eliminate slang
  • Try to keep your responses brief
  • Try to diversify your examples – though it is fine (and sometimes useful) to use the same example to highlight different core competencies